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Gas Book 22: Nagi Noda/野田凪:half panda/half other beast

GAS BOOK 22 introduces a collection of work by a highly acclaimed, young Japanese art director/video director, Nagi Noda. Coming from advertising industry, Nagi Noda has been working on numerous creative projects such as a campaign for Nike, Laforet, music video for YUKI, etc. She has also been active in making short films, and belongs to the production, Partizan, well known as Michel Gondry belongs, too. Also, Her original character, Han Panda (=”Half Panda” in English) is recognized as one of her representative works.

Nogi Noda是我很喜欢的一名艺术家,这本是Gas Book的Nogi Noda专题。第一次接触她就是通过这张小田切的写真。(右边的人忽略)

-Nagi Noda/野田凪:HairHats

后来才知道Ryden x Nagi Noda:broken label,另外非常著名的是“hairhats“系列:上图这些鸟、马、熊、羚羊、狮子和海豹女曾经占领了我的半个google reader,所有的媒体都为之震撼。

-Nagi Noda/野田凪:Half panda

从纽约进修回到日本后,身兼设计和摄影工作的她进入了事业的顶峰期。到现在为止提到Nagi Noda这个名字对于一些著名广告品牌来说也有着很深的意义。因为信息量太少我还没有机会看到更多,包括她的short film。

08年这个可爱的面孔离开了这个世界,谢谢Nagi Noda对于创作的热情,谢谢Nagi Noda给这个世界带来的魔力。

Sentimental Journey





Matchibako: Japanese Matchbox Art Of The 20s & 30s

MATCHIBAKO depicts Japan’s swift transformation into an industrial empire in the early 20th century, as illustrated in the infinitesimal advertisements on matchboxes from the period. In an uncertain society and its changing leisure market, matches joined cigarettes in Western-style hotels and cafes, and in sushi bars next door. Patrons might be found in Western dress or traditional kimono, debating Marx or the latest silent film, but all saw themselves reflected in the new graphism.




Blow Up: Keiichi Tanaami

There is no debating that Keiichi’s work looks as fresh today as it did in the 60’s.  This book has mature content just so you know before you buy it. Import. “When I look back along my eventful path, it’s clear that the 60’s still glare sharply and clearly from the past. All my works, from illustration, graphic design, editorial design to animation, experimental films, painting, printing and three-dimensional works emerged from the 60’s and were further developed. For someone who was immature in every way, to rush forward was the only way. So, I kept running, propelled by the energy of the era.

Keiichi Tanaami的书我是必买。小时候受二战影响很深的艺术家。另外一本blow up2是以展览的作品为主,全部是full page,肯定会很过瘾,情色作品也会较比突出。

今天看Rex Ray的书里也提到了Keiichi Tanaami,就是这些人证明着波普风无处不在。



Typography today

Typography Today conceived, edited and designed by Helmut Schmid, was first published in 1980 as a special issue of Idea magazine, and republished as a book in 1981 by Seibundo Shinkosha.

这本书已经绝版,不过喜欢idea的人肯定也不会错过这本Helmut Schmid: Gestaltung ist Haltung / Design Is Attitude




Visual Instruction Archive

Instructions, signs, diagrams are found over the whole world, from safety manuals for airplanes, road signs, restaurant and business signage, and to simplify complex scientific information. This wide ranging collection of images brings together photographs, reproductions and graphics.



Tanaka Ikko: Graphic Master

Born in Nara, Japan in 1930, Ikko Tanaka created a style of graphic design that fused modernism principles and aesthetics with the Japanese tradition. As a child he studied art and as a young adult he was involved in modern drama and theatrical study groups. In 1963 he formed Tanaka Design Studio where he worked for corporations such as Mazda, Hanae Mori, Issey Miyake and the International Garden and Greenery Exhibition.

Tanaka Ikko:poster design for the Nihon Buyo performance by the Asian Performing Arts Institute.

如果你对平面设计的历史感兴趣,那么阅读到60年代的知名艺术家的时候肯定会有Ikko Tanaka,Shigeo Fukuda和saul bass。不多说,上图是一张Ikko Tanaka标志性作品,一定能唤醒你们对这位master的记忆。



Paper Folding for Pop-Up

These beautiful and impressive works with simple cut-lines and folding methods will help all designers of direct mail, greeting cards, packages, etc. Includes CD-ROM with flat diagrams of the works.


amazon上有卖,(如果是japan edition就比较贵),另外powells也有卖。我觉得包装设计课上应该有这么一本用作教材。



Music Graphic

Music graphics no longer focus only on CD jacket design. The number of artists producing a full range of unique visuals to accompany each new album and tour is on the rise. This collection presents the most superbly designed works in the genre, including CD jackets, posters, tour-related goods, and more.





Gas 7 Ukawa Naohiro/宇川直宏

Ukawa works on CD covers such as Towa Tei and Supercar. (二者我都很喜欢)He is widely working in various genres with many titles, such as a media artist, a designer, a video director, a writer, a VJ and a DJ. This book mainly features his graphics and motion works.




Angura: Posters of the Japanese Avant-Garde

Author: David G. Goodman

作者是David G.Goodman:一位日本文学研究者,贯通日本文化,在日本长期居住过,出版过很多书也包括日本语书籍。除了这本我还会比较感兴趣另外一本“Jews in the Japanese mind.”这类书一直提醒自己从未停止过对这个小岛的热情以及对它和别的小岛之间的好奇。amazon有卖,不便宜。



Japanese Crest Design

This visual book introduces Japanese traditional designs of various crests, with practical exercises in paintings, textiles, craft products, and more, categorized by derivation from plants, nature, arms, animals, etc. Developed extensively in Japan’s mid-age, many crests are still popular in Japanese modern life. Lots of good ideas for tattoo artists, especially among the black and white designs.

在传统Stencil Designs里这本大概是我选出来比较实用的,虽然Japanese Patterns No. 1这类的也很好看,或者装满几百个eps图案的CD-rom。amazon只有旧书,所以就不提供连接了。还有一本是Wave, Cloud, Pine,都是400页,但是后者内个系列看来已经被用作教科书,而且价格不便宜。




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